We are Avance, and we are an accounting firm that assists our clients to take control over their financial wellbeing.

We strongly believe in keeping our clients’ and team members’ best interests at heart. Avance has carried this ethos throughout the years, from the firm’s origins in the pre-World War II years, through second generation partners Jeremy and Ross’s merger in the 1980s, to the current day.

This long history means Avance has witnessed a great deal of change; when new regulations emerged, like the Capital Gains Tax in 1985, Avance became fluent in meeting these new obligations so clients could best manage impacted assets; when technology evolved (such as the rapid rise of the internet during the 1990s) and affected how tax, compliance, and reporting was done, Avance embraced and adapted to leverage these technologies; when GST was introduced in 2000, Avance reengineered business reporting to ensure clients had accurate and informative information and seamless compliance.

Now, more than ever, it is important to stay apprised of new legislation and technological developments. Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that the world seems ever smaller, and room for error grows less forgiving with every year – ATO data matching being a key example. Avance regularly attends professional and technical conferences in order to gain insights into what the future holds. This allows Avance to pre-empt changes in both the accounting industry and our clients’ various industries; staying ahead of the curve is core to Avance.

Today, Avance is a team of dynamic professionals. Our legacy is one of honesty, integrity, and compassion. We know that the future will bring change, and at Avance we are prepared to adapt – and assist clients in doing the same.

Avance Timeline

Avance’s Core Values

Collaboration: Delivering mutual benefits through committed actions.
Authenticity: Being genuine and respectful to enhance all relationships.
Innovation: Embracing change and implementing visionary solutions.
Courage: Deciding and acting in pursuit of excellence, continuously.
Fun: Creating, sharing, and celebrating success.

Avance’s Brand Promise

Accountability with care and commitment.

Contact Avance and take control of your financial wellbeing.

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