Legacy of avance

Perhaps you know who avance is, and perhaps you do not. Our history is a long one, a storied one, and there is much we have witnessed through the passage of time. Laws and legislation change, the economy fluctuates to the whims of the world, and society evolves.

avance has witnessed this and more over the years. avance was there when GST was introduced, when the Capital Gains Tax came into play, when the Government imposed new laws upon small businesses. Each of these changes has been met head-on by avance; when the rules changed, we adapted – and helped our clients do the same.

Mergers have allowed avance to grow into the entity it is today, a firm that has offices based all over Queensland and assists clients on a national scale, but it was the people we gathered along the way that made avance who it is. Our team is comprised of dynamic professionals, and our history, both with our team members and our clients, is one of honesty, integrity, and compassion.

We know that the future will bring change, and at avance we are prepared to adapt – and assist you in doing the same. Our experience extends to industries of all kinds, and if there is a problem outside of our expertise? We have the connections to source a solution.

This is our legacy. This is who we are, an accounting firm that believes in keeping our clients and team members best interests at heart. To us, our clients are not just a number, they are an individual that deserves an engaging, trustworthy financial advocate.

Change is a part of life. avance wants to assure you that although we have undergone some changes, we are still the same firm that has been with you through thick and thin – and will always do so.

We are avance, and we are here to help you find your financial freedom.

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