A Not-so-small List of Small Business Concessions

Here is a list of small business tax concessions that may be available to you. Get in touch with avance to find out which concessions you can tap into.

Income tax

    • Lower company tax rate – 27% for 2019-20 and 26% for 2020-21
    • Small business income tax offset – 8% rate for 2019-20 and 13% rate for 2020-21
    • PAYG instalment concession


    • Simplified depreciation rules – instant asset write-off
    • Accelerated depreciation for primary producers
    • Deductions for professional expenses for start-ups
    • Immediate deductions for prepaid expenses

Simplified Record-Keeping

    • Simplified trading stock rules
    • Two-year amendment period

GST, BAS, and Excise

    • Simpler BAS
    • Accounting for GST on a cash basis
    • Annual apportionment of GST input tax credits
    • Paying GST by instalments
    • Excise concession

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

    • Small business restructure rollover
    • CGT 15-year asset exemption
    • CGT 50% active asset reduction
    • CGT Retirement exemption
    • CGT Rollover
    • Contributions of small business CGT concession amounts to your super fund

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

    • FBT car parking exemption
    • FBT work-related devices exemption


    • Superannuation clearing house
    • Contributions of small business CGT concession amounts to your super fund

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