Don’t get caught out – know the key dates for your company or business name

If you’re running a business or company, it’s essential to understand your responsibilities with ASIC.

One of the most important things is to be aware of key dates, like the date of your business name renewal or company annual review.

When you receive your renewal or annual review it is good practice to take note of the due date, as this will help you keep your registration current and avoid potential late fees.

For companies, generally your annual statement will be sent within a few days of your company’s annual review date (which is usually the anniversary date of its registration). The company must pay the annual review fee within 2 months of the annual review date.

For business names a renewal notice will be sent 30 days before the business name renewal is due. If you receive a business name renewal notice before the 30 days, it is unlikely the email is from ASIC and may be a scam email.

It is also important to update changes to company addresses, change to officeholders, share structure and members within 28 days of the change occurring.  Otherwise, late fees apply.

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