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FAO is adaptable to any business in any industry. As a scalable platform, it is applicable to businesses of all sizes as well.

Avance and Adapting FAO to Your Business

Avance is committed to providing the best accounting and taxation services to any business, no matter their industry. In most cases, we have the capacity and experience to adapt our services, including our proprietary FAO platform, to businesses in any industry.

In the past, we have tailored our services to niche businesses and specialty industries, such as real estate, thoroughbred ownership and training, hospitality businesses, and technology integrators and developers.

No matter your need, Avance will collaborate with you on financing and accounting solutions and develop an approach that accommodates your specific needs. This latter effort includes:

  • Identifying, researching and accounting for industry-specific transactions,
  • POS, eCommerce, or other software integrations with our FAO Cloud accounting platform,
  • Business development and system solutions geared to your situation and goals, and,
  • Tailored business solutions that are informed by industry-specific knowledge.

What is FAO?

FAO (Finance and Accounting Outsourcing) is a platform that allows business owners and managers to outsource their accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and compliance to ensure quality and compliance obligations are met without having to micro-manage administrative tasks. Instead, you can focus your time on building your business.

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The Additional Benefits of FAO


Business owners and team members are able to focus time on value-adding activities, including:

  • Delivering services and developing relationships with customers and clients,
  • Attending to business development opportunities, such as omnichannel marketing or new technology adoption, and,
  • Managing business resources and training and supporting team members.


Accurate accounts and KPI reports allow business owners and managers to make more informed decisions in regards to:

  • Improving business performance, through increased revenue and use of resources,
  • Strategic business planning and implementation and tracking progress against this plan, and,
  • Managing cash flow in order to meet compliance, operating obligations, and profit distributions or reinvestment.


A reduction of admin overhead allows owners and managers to concentrate on building the business through:

  • Building customer goodwill and increasing profit through improved trading performance,
  • Designing and implementing growth strategies, such as new and differentiated products or services, and,
  • Creating a self-managed and systemised business, allowing time off or improved resale value.

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