Primary Production

FAO Primary Production is our sub-brand with services, experience, and knowledge tailored for the primary production industry.

Avance Primary Production Specialisation

Avance specialises in providing accounting and taxation services to primary producers of livestock, timber, crops, and fishing, using the Avance proprietary FAO Primary Production platform. We have experience in providing primary production-tailored services, will collaborate with you on financing and accounting solutions, and have an approach tailored to your specific needs within this industry, including:

  • Accounting for industry-specific transactions, such as livestock sales, tax averaging, farm management deposits scheme, double wool clips, and lump sum timber sales,
  • Software integration support with our FAO Primary Production Cloud accounting platform,
  • Business development and system solutions geared to your situation and goals, and,
    Tailored business solutions that are informed by industry-specific knowledge.

What is FAO Primary Production?

FAO (Finance and Accounting Outsourcing) Primary Production is a platform that allows the owners and managers of primary production businesses to outsource their accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and compliance duties. Avance does all the heavy lifting for you.

FAO Primary Production has many benefits, including:

  • Being a flexible, scalable platform with the capacity to meet peak reporting periods, changes in technology, or special projects,
  • Outsourcing bookkeeping, tax, and reporting, allowing you more time to focus on building your business, and,
  • Using an outcome-based pricing model, meaning that you only pay for what is agreed upon and delivered.

FAO Primary Production is delivered under a Service Level Agreement as a fully managed service to ensure quality and compliance obligations are met. This client-oriented service guarantee ensures that business owners and managers are not distracted by micro-managing administrative tasks. Instead, you can focus your time on maintaining and building your business.

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The Additional Benefits of FAO Primary Production


Primary producers are able to focus their time on value-adding activities, including:

  • Managing livestock, crops, or land, particularly value-adding vs raw form selling,
  • Investigation of and adoption of new technologies to drive business efficiencies, and,
  • Managing resources, rather than being a producer, through business transformation initiatives and identifying new profit centres.


Accurate accounts and KPI reports allow primary producers to make more informed decisions in regards to:

  • Improving business performance and the use of assets, such as land, equipment, or water rights,
  • Managing cash flow, gaining access to government grants, and debt funding, and,
  • Procurement decisions in regard to leasing rights, land, equipment, livestock, and cropping purchases.


A reduction of admin overhead allows owners to concentrate on building the primary production business through:

  • Increasing profit through leveraging land or other asset use for maximum value,
  • Developing and implementing appropriate strategies for business growth, and,
  • Creating a self-managed and systemised business, allowing owners and managers to spend time on more productive tasks or with their families.

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