Business Development Services

“Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.”- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

We’re here to make a real difference to our clients. Delivering a high-quality, efficient compliance service is just part of that. Helping our clients to develop, improve and grow their business is the next natural step. Our Business Development offerings are practical and tangible services that create long term value for clients.

Proactive Accounting Meeting

If you’re keen to improve your business performance and financial results but don’t feel you are being supported enough by your current accountant – give us a call. We’ll arrange a complimentary Proactive Accounting Meeting to review your unique situation and discuss how we may be able to support you.

During the meeting, we’ll identify your burning issues, opportunities and potential tax efficiencies and establish goals and strategies to achieve them. We’ll also have a strategic discussion around the current and future direction of your entities.

Following the meeting, if required, we’ll prepare a proposal for services, with all costs priced upfront, whether this be strictly for Business Development work or compliance.

Complimentary Client Review

As a valued client, you’ll receive at least one Complimentary Client Review (CCR). In fact, this is an annual event for a number of our clients. The CCR is an opportunity for you to set and review your goals and gives you clarity around the actions you need to take to achieve those goals. It also stimulates strategic discussion and identifies burning issues, opportunities and challenges so that you respond effectively. And of course, it’s an opportunity for our team to identify greater tax efficiencies and asset protection.

Business Planning

A Business Plan sets the future direction for your business. During our four-hour Business Planning session, we’ll help you set solid and realistic goals for your business and determine the actions you need to take to achieve these. You’ll set your revenue targets for the year, including the first quarter, create Key Performance Indicators, and identify the opportunities and vulnerabilities in your business.

Quarterly Coaching

It’s crucial that you track how you are measuring against your Business Plan and Cashflow Forecast in real-time. We’ll meet with you quarterly to bring your reports to life, compare your forecast to actual results, and implement basic cashflow maximisation strategies. We’ll make sure you understand your Cash Conversion Cycle and identify the likely causes of any cashflow problems within your business. We’ll also hold you accountable and provide support to keep you on target towards achieving the goals you’ve set in your Business Plan.

Cashflow Forecast

Don’t wait for the bank to ask you for a Cashflow Forecast. It’s essential that you understand the expected cash inflows and outflows in your business. A Cashflow Forecast allows you to monitor and maintain your cashflow on a monthly basis. It gives you control over the cashflow in your business, and helps you identify how much you need to set aside for tax. A Cashflow Forecast is critical to the survival and growth of any business.

These are powerful Business Development services that provide immense value and clarity.

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