Business Tax

Take control of your business tax

  1. Business Tax Returns
    Sole trader, partnerships, companies, and trusts including consolidated groups.
  2. GST and FBT
    Assisting you to meet GST, FBT, stamp duty, and other indirect tax liabilities.
  3. Business Concession
    Small business tax concessions and other beneficial business tax considerations.
  4. General Advice
    Need additional business tax advice? Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your business taxation.

Annual Tax Compliance Process

We provide a simple and fully managed annual business compliance service

Structure Correctly

Is your business operating in the best structure?

Annual Tax Planning

Are you planning to pay more or less tax?

Maintain ATO Compliance

Do you wish to avoid penalties and possible ATO audits?

Post Tax Profit

What profit hurdle makes your business viable?

Avance understands the importance of effectively maximizing tax efficiency and maintaining compliance with the ATO. We create custom tax solutions for your businesses unique situation, ensuring that all potential tax issues that may impact you are considered and accounted for.

As we are registered tax agents, Avance stays up-to-date with industry knowledge, regularly attending workshops hosted by the ATO, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia, the National Tax and Accountants Association, and the Tax Institute.

Other Business Tax Topics

Tax effective structuring for your new business. Advice and incorporation services for your new company or trust.

Tax aspects of buying a new business, such as ‘interest in’ or ‘assets of’, CGT, GST, and stamp duty considerations.

Tax considerations for selling a business, such as roll over relief and accounting for ‘goodwill’.

Business Tax Proficiencies

We have experience with all types of business tax requirements and return types, including:

  • Sole trader returns,
  • Trading trust returns,
  • Partnership returns,
  • Company returns,
  • FBT returns,
  • GST returns, and,
  • PAYG returns.