Avance is the preferred accounting partner for ALNA, leading to the development and launch of Avance Newsagency, our sub-brand with services, experience, and knowledge tailored for the Newsagent industry.

Avance Newsagency Specialisation

Avance specialises in providing accounting and taxation services to newsagency businesses using the Avance proprietary FAO Newsagency platform. We have experience in providing newsagency-tailored services, will collaborate with you on financing and accounting solutions, and have an approach tailored to your specific needs within this industry, including:

  • Accounting for industry-specific transactions: lottery and ISI sales and settlements,
  • POS and eCommerce integrations with our FAO Newsagency cloud accounting platform,
  • Business development and system solutions geared to your situation and goals, and,
  • Tailored business solutions that are informed by industry-specific knowledge.

What is FAO Newsagency?

Avance offers Business Service Level Agreements to provide end-to-end Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) for business owners and managers seeking to outsource their accounting, tax, and compliance requirements. Avance does all the heavy lifting for you.

FAO Newsagency has many benefits, including:

  • Being a flexible, scalable platform with the added capacity to meet peak reporting periods, changes in technology, or special projects,
  • Outsourcing of bookkeeping, tax, and reporting, allowing you more time to focus on building your business,
  • Eliminating the need and cost for employees trained in accounting, and,
  • Using an outcome-based pricing model, meaning that you only pay for what is agreed upon and delivered.

FAO Newsagency is delivered under a Service Level Agreement as a fully managed service to ensure quality and compliance obligations are met. This client-oriented service guarantee ensures that business managers and owners are not distracted by micro-managing administrative tasks. Instead, you can focus your time on building your business.

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The Additional Benefits of Avance FAO Newsagency


Business owners and team members are able to focus time on value-adding activities, including:

• Service delivery: customers value interaction and communication,

• Visual merchandising: shop presentation, cleanliness, and promotions, and,

• Inventory management: what to buy and when to do special orders.


Accurate accounts and KPI reporting to make more informed decisions:

• Improve shop performance: benchmarks and category results,

• Better cash management: where to utilise cash for maximum leverage, and,

• Inventory management: stock turns, category ROI, and stagnant stock.


Reduce admin overhead to concentrate on building the business:

• Increase profitability: build customer goodwill and trade,

• Business development: identify and implement growth strategies, and,

• Lifestyle choices: create a self-managing and systemised business, allowing you to take time off.

FAO Newsagency can also help with challenges and opportunities, such as:


Are you experiencing challenges with any of the following issues:

  • Compliance issues,
  • Digital news channels,
  • Internet gaming options,
  • Franchise costs,
  • Complex accounting,
  • Limited resources,
  • Technology challenges,
  • Procurement systems, or,
  • Inventory management.


Would you like assistance with securing or enacting upon the following opportunities:

  • Improved category decisions,
  • Special customer orders,
  • Group buying power,
  • Digital and eCommerce,
  • Accounts automation,
  • POS and Xero integration,
  • Compliance outsourcing,
  • Business development, or,
  • Professional partnerships.

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