Scammers Abound

It was recently Scams Awareness Week, and the ATO published a reminder about keeping personal and financial information safe.

Scammers will often try to “phish” for information by impersonating government agencies like the ATO. They can use the information to drain their victim’s bank account, take out loans in their name, or gain access to their online government services. Besides having a  devastating financial impact, it can take years to recover a stolen identity.

Businesses should:

• ensure their computer security systems are up to date;

• discuss the importance of securing personal information with their staff;

• check their staff understand what is appropriate to discuss on social media or via  email;

• make sure their staff have the appropriate access and permissions associated with their myGovID.

The ATO said that scammers have more opportunities than ever to trick people into handing over their valuable information.

Check out the Scamwatch website for helpful tips and resources.