Accounting Jokes

Accountants have often been hit with the ill flattering stereotypes of being boring and humorless. Well here at Avance, we love nothing more than to have a good laugh, even if it is at our own expense – no pun intended! We have trawled through the internet searching for what we think is the best of the best (slim pickings) when it comes to the topic of tax & accounting. Enjoy the laugh – Afterall E.E. Cummings once said, “the most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

Why is prepaid expense soup so thick?

Because it’s reduced every month

Why was the fishing store so valuable?

It had a lot of “net” worth

What kind of bedding does an accountant have?

Balance sheets

What does a volcano go into when it can’t pay its mortgage?


Why did the clean freak hate dealing with Cost of Goods Sold?

Because it always made their profit “gross”

What do you call a liability without any friends?

A loan

Did you hear about the creditor who got bored?

He lost interest

What do you call an “inventory” of boats?

Finished goods available for sail

Why did the cash analyst become a pirate?

Because she knew a lot about treasury

How do you tell an accountant to be quiet?

You tell them to use their invoice

Why did the accountant push the salaries, wages, and bonuses down the hill?

She wanted to see the payroll

What did the financially responsible student do to get good grades?

They paid off their “principal”

I keep trying to tell my accounting jokes at work…

But my boss says it’s hardly “material”

What do you call a trial balance that doesn’t balance?

A late night

What do you call an accountant without a spreadsheet?


Why do accountants make good lovers?

They are great with figures

 What do you call an accountant with an opinion?

 An auditor

What did the overworked asset say to the other asset?

I feel so under depreciated

How did the accountant propose to his girlfriend?

With an engagement letter

How does Santa’s accountant value his sleigh?

At Net Present Value

Why did the accountant divorce the banker?

They couldn’t reconcile their differences

How do accountants manage to stay out of debt? 

They learn to act their wage

If you think you can top these jokes, we’d love to hear from you!