Adding Multiple Covid Vaccine Certificates to the Check In QLD App

You may share a phone with your spouse, or you may regularly check in family with you.

Come December 17 when you need proof of your Covid vaccine certificate what happens if you share a phone or need to check in family members and need to show your vaccine certificate?

You can download multiple Covid vaccine certificates to your app.

Firstly, the primary user needs to download their vaccine certificate to the app.

The “guests” then need to sign into their MyGov account or Medicare app and authorise sending their vaccine certificate to the Check In Qld app. In the Check In Qld app open Frequent Guests and select a guest that has authorized through MyGov or the Medicare app the sending of their vaccine certificate and it should be available to download.

Should the ‘guest’ not want to share their vaccine certificate to the app, you can still check them in, however, they will have to use other means to prove their vaccination e.g., print the certificate from MyGov or provide a screenshot of the certificate from MyGov.