We’re Back!!!

Well, I think I’m not alone when I say I feel a little hard done by these summer holidays. Cyclones, cold and windy weather along with Covid, extended school holidays, rain for days, and for us at Fraser Coast, it was topped off with major flooding of the Mary River, resulting in power cuts to the CBD. Like most areas of Australia, we’re already feeling the effects of food shortages in the shops…add a flood into the mix and a temporary closure of a major supermarket due to water lapping at its doors and we are all well on our way to starting our post-Christmas diets. Well, we would be expect ice-cream, chips and confectionery are nowhere near an endangered species unlike meat, vegetables and toilet paper of course! Regardless of the inconveniences the first half of January has brought, one thing remains the same…compliance due dates for BAS & Super.

Download our Avance Calendar 2022 to keep track when your obligations are due.

Happy New Year to all our clients and our thoughts are with those affected either by ill health or flooding. We hope you have a speedy recovery and a much better rest of 2022 too!

I come across this on social media this week…still makes me grin even now. Three times a charm don’t they say?

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