Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is any act carried out by someone to an older person they know and trust, such as family and friends, which causes them harm. It is a form of violence, in that many perpetrators are family members. It covers not only mental and physical abuse. It includes financial abuse as well.  Elder abuse reflects the ageism that is rife in our society today as well as the gender inequality.

All forms of abuse are unacceptable. Elder abuse can affect anyone, irrespective of background, gender, ethnicity or means.

Research from Australia and overseas shows that around 5% of older people may be experiencing some form of elder abuse. The real number may be higher because many people, including other family members and friends, feel they cannot speak up.

Never feel ashamed to ask for help or report concerns.

If you feel you are being physically or financially abused, bullied or pressured to do things by someone you know; or if someone you rely on is neglecting you, threatening or failing to look after you as they promised…speak up!

If you know someone enduring these experiences ….. speak up!

Your safety and wellbeing is important as is that of other family members and friends.

If you are experiencing elder abuse or know someone who is and would like information and advice please contact us on 1300 620 345.