Should I delete unused apps from my smartphone?

Unless you’re meticulous about phone maintenance practices, there’s a good chance you’re toting around far more apps than you need. Cleaning up your apps will make your phone easier to navigate, perform better, and also make it more secure. Old apps that no longer get updates or that you haven’t updated in some time can harbor serious security flaws. A quick flick through your apps will likely reveal a few forgotten oldies that you haven’t opened in months, or even years. Here’s how to get rid of them:

For Android users: For all versions of Android, open the Settings menu on your device, then go to Apps or Application manager (depending on your device). Find the app you want to delete and tap the Uninstall button.

The app will be deleted from your device in a matter of seconds in most cases. Once completed, you’ll be directed back to the Apps menu, where you can repeat the process to delete more apps if you need to.

If you’re running a newer version of Android, you can also delete right from your device home screen. Open the app drawer where all of your apps are located, tap and hold the one you want to get rid of, and drag it to the Uninstall section on the screen. Then, tap OK to remove the app.

For iPhone users: The process for deleting an app from an iPhone is pretty straightforward. Apps can be deleted right from your home screen or whatever folder you have an app placed in. Just touch and hold the app, then tap Delete App from the menu that appears to remove it.

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