Cost of Living Rebates

Cost of Living Rebates Queensland

Further relief coming to Queenslanders

Queensland households will get $1,000 off their electricity bills in 2024–25 as part of the State Governments Cost of Living Rebates.

As outlined on the QLD Government website, $1,000 will be automatically credited to eligible residential customer bills from 1 July 2024—there is no need to apply. The exact timing will depend on the individual’s billing cycle.


To be eligible, residential customers must have an electricity account with their electricity retailer or embedded network provider on 1 July 2024 and be separately metered and charged for their own electricity consumption. Customers whose premises are not separately metered or who don’t receive a separate electricity bill, e.g. where electricity is included as part of their rent, will not be eligible to receive the rebate payment.

The rebate is only available to grid-connected customers (with some exceptions including where the electricity retailer is Ergon Energy).

Arrangements for households in embedded networks

Some households receive their electricity bills through authorised on-suppliers, which include landlords, property managers, caravan park owners & body corporates.

These households are also eligible for the $1,000 Cost of Living Rebate, provided they meet the abovementioned eligibility requirements and will generally have the rebate credited to their electricity bills by their on-supplier in the second half of 2024. It may take several months for the rebate to appear on customers’ bills. The rebate will appear as ‘Queensland Government Cost of Living Rebate’.

On-suppliers are required to apply for the rebate on behalf of their residents by completing the Application for cost-of-living rebate 2024-25 form, which will be available online from 1 July 2024.

Card-operated meters

Households using card-operated electricity meters are also eligible for the rebate, which will be automatically transferred to their orange power cards (linked card).

Further information can be found on the Queensland Government website.

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