Excel CTRL Shortcut Keys

When working in Excel, there are so many keyboard shortcuts that can make our jobs easier and much quicker. We have compiled a small list below of the CTRL shortcuts that we use every day, and thought that you might like to try some:

Key Ctrl Key Ctrl
F1 Excel 2007: Show / Hide Ribbon; Excel 2003: Show / Hide Task Pane 0 Hide Column
F4 Close Window 1 Format Cells
F5 Restore Window 2 Bold (toggle)
F6 Next Window / Workbook 3 Italic (toggle)
F7 Move Window 4 Underline (toggle)
F8 Size Window 5 Strikethrough (toggle)
F9 Minimize Window 9 Hide Row
F10 Toggle Maximised / Restored A Select current region, select all
F11 Insert New Macro Sheet B Bold (toggle)
F12 Open C Copy
Add (+) Open Insert Dialog Box (cells, rows or columns) F Find Dialog
Subtract (-) Delete Cells G GoTo
Backspace Scroll to show active cell H Replace
Escape Bring up Start Menu (overriding an Excel command) I Italic (toggle)
Left Select the last cell in the area left K Insert Hyperlink
Right Select the last cell in the area right L Excel 2007: Create Table; Excel 2003: Create List
Up Select the cell at top of region N New Workbook
Down Select the last cell in the area down O Open Workbook
Insert Copy P Print
Home Select cell to reset window (or pane) R Fill right
End Selects the last cell in the sheet S Save
PageDown Next Sheet T Excel 2007: Insert Table
PageUp Previous Sheet U Underline (toggle)
Tab Next Window V Paste
Space Select Column W Close Window
Key Ctrl X Cut
Excel 2003: Copy above cell and edit Y Redo
; Insert current date (in Edit (F2) mode) Z Undo
` Formula Auditing Mode
= Calculate Now

If you have questions in relation to the above, or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 1300 620 345.